Are you looking for editing a high-quality e-commerce product image-like proficient? Have no worries, this article has carried out some techniques to guide you throughout. Photography is a vital part of one’s life. Searching for a good photo editing company is difficult which ends up in the struggle of sweat.

As there are many professional photo editing companies available. Our life has become much simplified to find out a professional photo editing service. Photoshop is the ideal choice for editing product images. It switches the image to a vibrant look. And grabs the viewers’ attention with no time.

People express pictures captures as than phrases. Similarly, online stores over the world use product pictures, rather than a thousand phrases. Product photo editing comes to play an important role as it lets you showcase photography magnificent as buyers prompt to view products on an online store.

E-commerce business grows popular entire world. It’s an online marketing strategy with the highest quality pictures. E-commerce Image Editing Services happens lots wanted in E-Business sector for all requirements.

There are various sorts of E-commerce photo editing services accessible like-

  • Electronic Product
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Food Product Editing
  • Furniture Retouching
  • Home Accessories

An E-commerce image editing service is most appropriate to draw the customer’s attention. E-commerce aims for experts but, seems to be doubtful for optimizing product image. The photo editing provides to set the color, contrast, and light corrections of the image.

Depending on the clients we have gathered details on e-commerce image editing services to discover more readout to know them in detail.

E-commerce Product Image Editing Services

These days, e-commerce is one of the trendiest marketing online sectors. This sector is increasing daily which allows buyers to look for more comfort. With only a few clicks customers can sell products from home. The basic object of the photoshop is to manifest the nature and beauty of the photo. Taking such photos is difficult because it doesn’t seem skilled enough. Moreover, there may be common shortcomings and unforeseen objects on the color, light, background.

The key issues produced by the studio lights are the poor shadow quality. Images with RAW background are an obstruction to present the actual look. Thus, before auctioning the products on the E-commerce sites change the image.

Affordable E-Commerce Product Photo Editing

The photo editors support the prevalent websites to produce more sales online. Thereby, trust GEI to establish the brand and make a profit. They assure ordinary images change into great demand on the online product description.

Product Image Removal

Background removal provides elegant photos in eCommerce Product Image editing services. With a comprehensive framework forever draws customers.

Product photos need a white background. The online store seems more proficient.

Product Image Removal by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeProduct Image Removal by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Product Photo Retouching

E-Commerce product images boost up marketing. The product photo retouching assists in better product images. Besides, removing any flaw from the product image generates the image more skilled. For photography, there are some limits, expensiveness, and ideal studio duration. With the last retouching, the images look more beautiful builds consistency over the period. Photo retouching is the key to manipulating procedures and things like fixing lines.

It makes the product look more skilled and remarkable. It is the method of highlighting image restoration and image enhancement.

Product Photo Retouching by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeProduct Photo Retouching by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Photoshop Shadow Effects

Recently, shadow effects are very accessible as it forms a lifelike, look to the image. Without this effect, the image might look unrealistic- which is natural. After removing the backdrop using clipping- it may lose its natural shadow from the image.

Next, the shadow- is added to provide the natural shadow of the- image. Shadows build genuine product images to promote businesses. By using Adobe Photoshop Photo retouches’ from darknesses product images. It mends the realistic view of online shopping by completing natural reflection shadows.

Photoshop Shadow Effects by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforePhotoshop Shadow Effects by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint

The removal of- mannequin in the photo is a ghost mannequin service. Ghost mannequin is a service providing products like apparel or garments category. It’s effective in providing a 3D effect on a photo to look more into details. It is a service-related in products like shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc.  Often the removal of – the only neck from the- mannequin is known as neck -joint service. Later the process creates a 3D effect on the product photo to improve the product value.

The ghost mannequin effect is best known for the invisible mannequin and neck joint. It promotes images to exhibit their original shape. The expert retouches combine a vivid look appareling to remove the background. It forms the interest of the consumer. So, all varieties of product photo editing services are required.

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeGhost Mannequin and Neck Joint by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Packshot Photo Editing

Packshot image editing sales rise by making the product trademark for customers. These services help the e-commerce patronage holders to create profitable images.  It enhances the product to show a 3D view. Taking care of the logos is significant about branding.

Packshot Photo Editing by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforePackshot Photo Editing by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Image Cropping and Resizing

One of the essential parts of the online store is Image Cropping and Resizing. It helps to drop inessential stuff by adjusting the aspect ratio in the exact dimension.  In some situations, resize and- crop photos are needed to maintain the photo quality.

For instance, you might be having an image where the center of the photo do not focus on the object you wish. Hence, remove the undesired thing from the image. Then the center of the image will focus.

It is seen- in various types of magazines, model photos or photo albums, etc. This process begins with resizing and cropping the image. After resizing, the color quality change needs to be improved.

Image Cropping and Resizing by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeImage Cropping and Resizing by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Color Adjustment

The images perform a key role in E-Commerce services. Today, the corporations choose the color correction service for obtaining unique images. This approach makes the photos look perfect. The E-Commerce sites carry out color correction to make the pictures seem suitable.

This provides a major boost to online trading development too. The color correction fixes the unsuitability within photos. These all loss of quality in the product images can fix through the use of color change.

Most professionals use Adobe Photoshop to adjust the color of the photos. This color correction is an important part related to the masking procedure. It gives a great feel to the products by presenting a vibrant finish.

Color Adjustment by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeColor Adjustment by ClippingPathPlaza – After

360 Degree Product Editing

Currently, product images stay the leading benefit when it arrives at the online shop. 360 product images are a range of still pictures of a product photographs that whirls on at a plane. By the hour each break, the software triggers the camera shutter to captivate an image.

The 360° Image Editing Service is intended for E-Commerce, Photographer, web-store, etc. The edited product images are used in animation for presenting on a rotating platform. Furthermore, it promotes your images to make the better ones in the online store. When images are displayed in 360 view the customer rotates and pan around the product.

360 Degree Product Editing by ClippingPathPlaza – Before360 Degree Product Editing by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Amazon Image Editing and Retouching

Amazon photo background removal is the most recurrent need in the Amazon mart. Most photos have great color contrasts that need expert image processing. Background removal service is the picture transparency by adding different contexts.

It relates to color correction and adjusting the image. E-commerce sites endorse a white backdrop on the product image. Many customers prefer the product to view on a white backdrop.

If your product got to be – sold then, edit product images by specialists. That, indeed, provides a great- rival influence within the online program. Few backdrop removal works are mild, like t-shirts, shoes, and chairs.

Amazon Image Editing and Retouching by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeAmazon Image Editing and Retouching by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Quick selection tools are applied when the backdrop doesn’t content with one color backdrop. An image with a complicated origin type is time-consuming. As- it uses lasso and pan tools for the backdrop removal service. Finally, the task ends with color-changing through matching the color enrichment and brightness of the image.

It focuses on lining more secondary images this contains:

  1. Lifestyle shots – They clarify the product supply to a specific type of living.
  2. Product in–use images – This confers customers a thought the product’s features.
  3. Images with caption – Support customers to figure out things like how to grip, how to turn etc.

Who Needs E-commerce Image Editing Service

In an e-commerce business, it’s very essential to have the right image as it can be a great way of selling of image. The product photography should be in detail. It can be more attractive for trade-in products.

Product photography focuses on promoting, as it’s a group of commercial photography. Some products showed to be hard to photograph, whilst some are clear. It’s difficult to work with reflective objects as they cause to exert.

The photo-shoot covers with perfect lighting by using e-commerce image editing. The purpose of lighting defines the essence of the image. Lighting is separated into two natural lighting and studio lighting.

Studio lighting needs two softbox light forms creating a combination of shadow angles. One of them acts as the main source whereas, the diverse as black light creating a smooth shadow.

Natural lighting is controlled by providing white clothes through the window. Remember not to take photographs below immediate sunlight as it creates harsh shadows.

Increase Sales by Optimizing Images

E-commerce sites prefer the image to consider more bytes. It also breaks the complexity of web performance.

It also breaks the complexity of web performance. It affects customer recognition. So, optimizing images is the safest way to develop web performance. This optimization will increase your sales by the subsequent steps.

1. Be Close With Various File Types

The purpose of PNG, JPEG, GIF file types is to understand which things provide more bang for a limited time.

2. Developing Image file Size Conversion

File size is the volume of space needed to store the image. An image can have large dimensions. The larger the file size, the more time to load the image.

So, aim to maintain your images at 2 MB size. The less your image size, the faster it loads, intending a lower loading speed.

3. Improve SEO by Naming Files Correctly

Naming the image in points is essential to understand what the image displays in search bots.

4. Availability of Site with Alt Tags

Alt tags refer to the address of the images written into the codes of the website. These are information provided to an image within the website code.

5. Use Sitemaps to see Images Notified via Google

A sitemap enables to optimize images and videos for Google’s algorithms. It’s a file that includes a map of all sites’ content. Some examples of a sitemap:

  • Video entries include Title, Description, Play page URL, Thumbnail URL, Video player URL.

6. Drive Upsell to Optimize Thumbnails

An upsell is an add-on that a marketer offers following the main sale. Thumbnail images are usually displayed- at the down of a page.

7. Capturing the Technical and Aesthetic Features of Images

It’s necessary to understand the technical and aesthetic features of images.

  1. Technical images concentrate on the image size, file type, resolution of an image.
  2. Aesthetic images concentrate on backdrop color, product designing, etc.

Unleash your Creative Site

Graphic Experts India allows a series of help to promote E-Commerce to the next stages. Fine details of the product images can improve to help the product perform glory.

To generate unusual publicity create digital composites to showcase the whole lineup. With professional stock for advertisements and shop front, retail products to make a profit.

Universal Expertise

Working with a wide range of clients from every probable angle for years. Pen tool Photoshop allows generating a clipping path to delete backdrop from photos. Furthermore, it helps to create a white background.

Moreover, working with every image form, from JPG to PNG, TIFF to BMP. Choose high-resolution reference files from the camera. The file size, type, or resolution of the images is insignificant.

GEI produces projects in several formats including PSDs. Also high-resolution PNGs with web-optimized JPG and GIF.

Why Clipping Path Plaza

Clipping Path remains new to feature in product images with the latest trend. It has profited several excessive clients with proficient aids. The expertise of the current web era support, to produce momentum amongst image and file size.

An E-commerce site needs the background of the product image to stay white. As- the white background develops the focus of the customer.

Clipping path service is used -by removing the image backdrop – it’s used- on the object to sharp the edges of an image. This method performs by a pen tool from photoshop to improve the product’s beauty.

Why This Service Is Essential?

Nowadays, people own their e-commerce website as it’s an essential part. Clipping Path Plaza ensures the most solution after-sale support. Product photography depicts an e-commerce product.

To describe the product customers need photo editing for solving impurities. E-commerce is one of the most conventional businesses known worldwide. One of the ways to know about is through product photo. They can attract customers easily by editing perfect product photos by increasing their sales.

Have a glance, at all these e-commerce solution services:

  • To separate unwanted objects from an image
  • To modify the background of the product photo
  • To recolor the product image using multipath
  • To add shadows of that product in the image
  • For improving the quality of the photo
  • For e-commerce product background
  • Choosing the best angle of the product
  • To make glittering jewelry retouch
  • To make perfect photo masking
  • For replacement objects in images
  • For Proper clean background
  • In photo restoration services
  • To make perfect photo masking.

Are you struggling when editing product photos?

Editing large volumes of images can be tough. Combining creativity and efficiency ensures that no contact is lost expects knack. Some days the workload is low, and other days you would like you’ll clone your team. Counting on expectations everybody expects the creative brain to meet the deadline.

Increasing the quality lessens the turnaround period, and saves on post-production expenses by outsourcing photo editing to Image.


Q-1. Which sort of clients do you toil?

Ans. A range of customers including photography studios, and marketing companies, etc.

Q-2. How long it takes to create a project?

Ans. The project fulfillment time differs depending on the project complexity.

Q-3. How to ensure that your images are secure?

Ans. We pursue a strict security policy while handling clients. We confirm that none of the client images are distributed – or issued on any third-party site.

Q-4. Are there any limitations about the format, size, and resolution of the image for editing?

Ans. No, there are not any restrictions. We deliver back the edited and thus the original images within the format of your choice.

Q-5. How do I make the payment?

Ans. The payment can be – done through PayPal, MasterCard, and bank wire transfer.