A shadow is an impression on the body of an object or animal that is visible on the ground. In reality, we notice a shadow of any person or object. But when we take pictures of an object or an organism, we sometimes fail to take pictures with shadows. With the Drop Shadow service, you will be able to create such shadows on the image. The present time is the modern age. In this modern age, people have been able to do many impossible things. So it is not difficult to create the shadow of an object or an organism.

Drop Shadow Service is doing this job seriously. Drop shadow service is an important service that is beneficial enough for every person. This is an important service for any business owner, photographer as well as business people to take this service seriously. If you want to get this service then from here you can get great and accurate service for you.

SHADOW SERVICE AT Clipping Path Plaza

Drop Shadow Service is a popular service that everyone has been using for their convenience. Every business owner wants their business to be a great improvement and for that, they have put shadow service in one of the other places among their other services. They are giving more importance to this service to expand their business. With the help of clipping paths, editors provide shadow creation services. The editors of Shadow Service Center are providing their services with the help of a clipping path to make the image of a product professional. The shadow creation service is working to make a picture look real. When the background is removed from the image, the shadow of the object in the image is also removed. Shadow service is needed when this shadow is returned. They create a more extraordinary shadow on the image with the help of a clipping path.

What is the shadow effect?

The shadow effect is a process that is capable of creating an unrealistic shadow over any image. Although the shadow effect creates an unrealistic shadow it looks like a real image. A lot of times you see that after taking a picture it is not realistic to look at it. So you take the help of Shadow Service to make a picture look real. The editors of the Shadow Service Center also let you create a realistic image through the shadow effect. They first remove the background from the image using a clipping path. When they remove the background, the shadow of the object disappears from the image.

Different Types of  Drop Shadow Service

Creating shadows on the image reveals a natural look in the image. Drop Shadow Service is very popular for creating this natural attitude of the photo. Every trader attaches more importance to this service because they can expand their business through this service at a low cost. Drop Shadow Service’s efficient photo editors provide them with this shadow creation service. They do this efficiently. Each of these shadow creation services has different types. Some shadows create a perfect image of a product. Again some make ordinary shadows. Photo editors create different shades of color, black and white.

You can use any of these as you need. There are many types of shadows. These types are given below:

Natural or existing shadow

Natural or existing shadow is a technique that makes a naturally visible shadow look like a real and natural shadow even if it is not a real shadow. The word natural or existing shadow itself describes this word. When a picture does not look completely professional, the customers give the image to the editors so that they create a professional look in the picture.

Professional editors then remove the background from the image first. Moving the background separates the image from its shadow. And at this stage, they create new shadows on the picture. When photo editors create new shadows they create a light source. Creating shadows with the light source makes the image look natural. This method of shadow creation includes natural or existing shadows.

Natural or existing shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeNatural or existing shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Reflection or floating shadow

Reflection or floating shadow is an extraordinary shadow that reflects the same image as any other image in the opposite direction. That is, the shadow that appears as a result of placing an object on a mirror is a reflection or floating shadow. When a photo editor removes the background from the image, the shadow inside the image is removed.

They create new shadows to bring back the shadows. And the style of this new shadow is to create a similar image to the picture. This is the shadow they create on the exact opposite side of the picture. Creating it in a new way makes it look like a real shadow. Reflection or floating shadow is mostly used by e-commerce websites. Everyone uses reflection or floating shadow to create the shadow of any jewelry, glasses, etc

Reflection or floating shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeReflection or floating shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – After

Drop Shadow

The shadow on which the light is visible on the opposite side of the image is called Drop Shadow. If the light is on the side of the picture then the shadow is diagonal then if the light is on the top of the picture then the shadow is on the bottom of the picture. The direction of the shadow depends on the size of the image.

After removing the background from the picture, the picture loses its sweetness. To bring back the sweetness of the photo, you have to create a shadow on the photo. If you go to any e-commerce website, you will see the picture of Drop Shadow. This Drop Shadow enhances the quality of any image. They use it on their website most of the time as the picture looks very real.

Drop shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – Before

Castaway shadow

When we put light on an object we see a diagonal shadow on the opposite side of that object. We take this shadow as Castaway’s shadow. It is a shadow that is different from different types of shadows. After putting light on the human body in a dark place, it is seen that a big shadow is falling on their opposite side. And this is Castaway’s shadow. Professional editors create this shadow.

They create the shadow in a way that makes you think it is a natural shadow. Photo editors create this castaway shadow on any large object other than humans. They create castaway shadows on objects to give them a perfect look. Our experts are providing such services for your convenience.

Castway shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – BeforeCastway shadow by ClippingPathPlaza – After


The need for people to use the drop shadow service is increasing day by day. One of the reasons why drop shadow service is needed by everyone is that it creates an unrealistic shadow on any image that looks like a real shadow. After taking a picture, the beauty in the picture is not fully revealed. That means the picture does not look professional. There are many steps to be taken to make the image professional. This is why photo editors add a different background by removing the background from the image. After adding the background, they create a shadow effect to bring back the shadow when the shadow disappears from the image. Creating this shadow gives the image a professional look. This is why these types of pictures are popular with everyone. Everyone uses these images to their advantage. Since the drop shadow service is working to create this shadow, everyone takes this service from them.

Many people get a lot of benefits as a result of receiving this service. Those who need to avail of this service for the benefit of drop shadow service are:

  • Ecommerce trader
  • Photographers
  • Logo creators
  • Others

Ecommerce trader

Every trader arranges many advertisements for the expansion of their business. They advertise the most by promoting the image to the customers. That’s why they have to take pictures. When they take pictures, they see that these pictures are not suitable for their professional work. Then they feel the need for drop shadow service. The editors of Drop Shadow Service took their pictures and made them professional. They do not remove the background from the photo. Creates a shadow effect in the image. And after doing all these things, the pictures become much more professional. And when this picture goes to the buyers, the buyers are attracted to see that picture. This is why e-commerce merchants need more drop shadow services.


Photographers: Drop shadow service requirements are also high for those who are professional photographers. Photographers have to be busy taking a lot of pictures all day long. They don’t have time to edit pictures because they have to spend a lot of time. This time they take the help of Drop Shadow Service. When they take pictures, they can’t create a realistic feeling in their pictures. When they can’t get the picture they want even after trying again and again, they give their pictures to the service center. They add their favorite things to their pictures. This saves photographers time and reduces their hassle.

Logo creators

Many times logo creators like businessmen and photographers need a drop shadow service to create logos. People who make logos also use this service in many cases. Through this service, they can get a real picture. These services further reduce their workload. They use it to create a shadow over the logo. Moreover, shadows can be created with different writings, all of which they get through the drop shadow service


Some businessmen and individuals need this service in different fields. Through this service, they can get the picture they need. They also benefit from using these images.

When to use shadow effect

The use of the shadow effect is spread all over the world because the importance of its use is greater for everyone. You can use the shadow effect for different tasks. However, you can use more to create ads. Businessmen usually create ads to enhance their business profile with the help of shadow effects. Photographers also use shadow effects to make their images more attractive.


The drop shadow service is doing a great job of increasing the quality of an image. After taking the picture, they make the picture in such a way that it looks like a natural and realistic picture. For those who do e-commerce business, the shadow service is very important to give an attractive look to the pictures of their products. Also, Drop Shadow Service provides offline catalogs by creating shadows on images to give a real look.

How to select the best drop shadow service, the provider?

It may be difficult for you to find the right service for any professional work. However, if you want to get your job done well, you need to take the help of a good and efficient service center. That’s why you need to know about their work experience first. You can take samples of their work from them. Find out how much time they can complete your tasks. Also, if they agree, you can test them by taking a picture.

WHY Clipping Path Plaza

  • Clipping path plaza helps to create shadows in a very short time. Clipping path plaza is used a lot to remove the background of an image because it makes it easier to work with.
  • Clipping Path Plaza is also an easy way to add a realistic shadow to the image after taking the background of the image.
  • In other words, clipping path plaza plays an important role in creating drop shadow, so its use is more.


Q-1. What do we mean by the photo Shadow effect?

Ans. When we create a shadow in a photo by editing a photo, we call it a shadow effect. To truly display any image, the editors cast shadows on the special thing inside the image. If we notice any object around us, we also see the shadow of that object. In the same way, after taking a picture of an object, when the shadow of that object is not clear, the picture does not seem real. Editors from the service center work to make this image realistic. They create a beautiful shadow of the object in the picture so that the object looks real and attractive. Then these pictures became a necessary object for everyone in various fields starting from an advertisement.

Q-2. Why is Shadow Service more necessary?

Ans. Shadow service is an important and necessary strategy for every trader. Not only do merchants accept this service, but more people use a lot of shadow effects. The job of the shadow service is to sort out a messy image and then create a shadow over that image. When you change the background of a photo after taking it, the image loses its consistency with the background. As a result, a beautiful feeling is lost in the picture. Then the editors create a shadow over the new background to bring back the beauty of the photo and make it realistic. The creation of this shadow makes the picture look interesting and realistic. That is why shadow service is so important. This is a great service for creating a photo shadow of any merchant’s product content. It is also a very useful service for photographers.

Q-3. Who receives drop Shadow Service?

Ans. E-commerce business owners tend to accept the drop shadow service more. This service plays a very important role for them. They want to create a realistic sense of the product when they promote their business. When the editors re-edit the products after taking pictures of the products, i.e. correct the color and change the background, the products lose their real form. Drop Shadow Service Center provides their services to bring realism back to the products. And e-commerce merchants receive those services from them. There is also a need to create shadows on various basic texts or logos outside of the product for which e-commerce merchants accept this service. Photographers use a variety of methods to capture the image. It is often seen that famous photographers are not able to capture the small details of the picture in their pictures. Then they take the help of Drop Shadow Service.

Q-4. How much time do we spend on the drop shadow project?

Ans. We schedule our projects according to the customer’s convenience. We always give more importance to the customer. If the customer wants to get his projects very fast, we give more importance to that. But we usually take a day off. In that case, we finish these works with the opinion of the customer.